fill those empty seats and increase customer spend


the next generation guest experience platform for independent restaurants


when great food is expected, a great experience is how you differentiate


we are eencie

[e x p e r I e n c e]

We believe people who try things differently provide others with the greatest experiences and this guides everything we do.

We’re not a software company, we’re a hospitality company that just happens to make software. Based out in foodie country, Marlow, England we’re lucky to have some of the best restaurants in the world on our doorstep, and best hospitality minds on the team.

We’re currently operating a closed test on the product, the good thing is some top restaurants are involved so when we release it, you’ll know it’s been through its paces.

That said, we’re always looking to bring forward thinking restaurants into the program, so drop us a line and let’s chat. 


what we do

With a rise in great restaurants and the noise of social media, restaurants need to deliver personalised experiences to increase guest spend and encourage repeat visits.

Through our experience management platform, we help restaurants understand the experiences their customers want and engage in one-to-one communication at scale.

We believe eating out is the last bastion of people to people interaction in our digital world, but this doesn’t mean we can’t use technology to help the best restaurants deliver the best service, after all, the key to great service is great people. The key to a great experience is insight.



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